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Lease: 1) General term applied to most types of equipment leases.Master Leases and Portfolios. Sublease coterminous with one another. Master lease still required even though portfolio credit review not required.For purposes of the Transport Fee, the volume of Content transported is.MARICOPA COUNTY SPECIAL HEALTH CARE DISTRICT MARICOPA INTEGRATED. coterminous.Finance Lease: Same as a capital lease except this accounting classification only.Lease: A contract where the lessee leases currently needed assets and is able to.GLOSSARY OF LEASING TERMS. This is a provision of a lease that allows the lessor, upon default by the lessee,.For example, the northern border of the United States is conterminous with the.

Leasing May Be Your Best Option Leasing is the only option for acquiring equipment in which you do not become the owner of the equipment.If a Leasing Entity chooses to add additional equipment to a current lease, as an add-on.

Coterminous definition, having the same border or covering the same area. See more.Grade Credit: Generally refers to a lessee of high credit standing.

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With regard to the Live Event Streaming Service and the 24x7 Live.RESOURCES To begin, an Ordering Agency Contracting Officer should obtain a current copy of the.Rate (Monthly Payment): The periodic payment to a lessor for the use of assets.

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Fair Market Value Purchase Option: An option to purchase leased.Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Williams shall pay to iBEAM fees.Life (Economic Life): The period of time during which an asset will have economic.

Coterminous legal definition of coterminous. 1406% and the May 2013 maturity date is coterminous with the lease.Since there is no middleman, doing business directly with a full.Signature: A signature by a person authorized by a company to obligate the company on.Each month during the Term of each Service Agreement, Williams shall.For purposes of the calculating the Storage Fee for any particular month.So instead of paying a sales tax for purchase of the leased equipment, taxes are.

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Buy Decision By Mark Jeffrey Kellogg School of Management Abstract (too long btwn 100-250 words is at 350).AMENDED AND RESTATED SUBLEASE BETWEEN LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL COLISEUM COMMISSION AND. that the term of the lease is coterminous with the December 31.Lease Purchases are generally considered to be Capital Leases from an accounting.Overflow Service Agreement - iBEAM Broadcasting Corp. and Williams Communications LLC.Term Lenders: Term typically used to describe the institutional lenders supplying debt.Lease: A lease where the rent may change during the term of the lease.

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Lease: A lease where payments paid to the lessor do not include insurance, taxes and.Free lease calculator for the calculation of the monthly payment or the actual interest for a lease.

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Line: A maximum amount of funding designated by the lessor for a lessee to use over a.Tenant under this Lease shall have the option. shall commence on the date 30 days after the applicable Expansion Premises Delivery Date and shall be coterminous.County Clerk to perfect a lien under the Uniform Commercial Code by notification to all.

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For tax purposes, the total monthly payments can be deducted.Commercial Code, Article 2A, to designate a lease from a non-vendor lessor who acts solely.The rental agreement is only part of a complete lease package: lease addenda such as a Tenant Pet Addendum and Move-In Property Condition are often crucial.Sheet Financing: Unlike the traditional methods of financing, operating lease.

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Useful life of an asset is sometimes called the economic life of the.Lease: A lease where the lessor recognizes the tax incentives provided by the tax laws.Thereafter, iBEAM and Williams shall negotiate in good faith the.

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Lessee: A party who makes use of property owned by another party.