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Professor Renato Feres (Geometry) Some of following problems are meant to introduce you to advanced but well-established topics in graduate level math, others are much more open ended and may lead to original results.Adaptive Emotion Coping Strategies as an Intervening Factor in the Negative Association Between Self-Worth and Depression in Youth. (S. Francis).Optogenetic Control of the Locus Coeruleus to Generate Long-term Potentiation of the Perforant Path-Evoked Potential in the Dentate Gyrus. (G. Martin).

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The topological structure of this complex is related to the combinatorial structure of P.Metamemory for Emotional Stimuli and Neutral Stimuli. (K. Hourihan).An Examination of Canadian Police Interviewing of Witnesses. (B. Snook).Are Canadian Police Officers Using the Red Model of Interrogation.The Influence of Starting Orientation on Spatial Learning in Mice Using a Dry-Land T-Maze. (D. Skinner).

The set of subgroups of a group G is partially ordered by inclusion.Lehr. Joshua. Impact of MicroRNA-223 on Reactive Oxygen Species Production in Disease State Cells. 2017. (C. Moore).

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The method is based on looking first for all the (infinitesimal) symmetries of the differential equation. (A symmetry of a differential equation is a transformation that sends solutions to solutions.For instance, you might fix three points and draw all the lines through each of them, or fix an algebraic curve and draw all the tangents to it.MCL-1 Protein Protects Neural Precursor Cells During Nervous System Development. 2016. (J. Vanderluit).The Effects of Social Context and Mastery on the Intention and Adherence to Mammography Screening. (K. Fowler).It is possible to use the optical length (for some given function n) to defined a new geometry whose geodesic curves are the paths taken by light rays.Social Support, Community Attachment and Reported Mental Health in Rural and Urban Newfoundland. 2009. (K. Fowler).

Web geometry turns out to have numerous applications to differential equations, algebraic geometry and even physics.Anxiety Sensitivity in Children: Examining Parental Predictors. (S. Francis).Assessing Worry Through an Examination of Self-Management. and Mindfulness. (P. Mezo) Police Caution Comprehension: Identifying the Listenability Facto.rs that Contribute to Increased Comprehension of Legal Rights Using a Mock Crime Paradigm. (B. Snook).

Anne the Tortoise Professor John Shareshian (Algebra, topological combinatorics) 1) Computation in topological combinatorics.Most large public-access data sets have this complex structure.Risk, Decision-Making, Personality, and Financial Behavior: A Developmental Study. (R. Adams).It is just what you might expect: a billiard table and a point mass that moves about and bounces off the sides according to the law of mirror reflection.

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The Effects of Lesions to the Anterior Dorsal Thalamus on Direction Learning in Rats. (D. Skinner).The Department of Mathematics at UC Davis offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in original.Of course, the ancient method of Eratosthenes (sieve method) is one such algorithm, albeit a very inefficient one.

A politics undergraduate dissertation is a piece of academic writing that you must work on really hard.

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Investigating the Validity and Reliability of Adult Visual Acuity Obtained With Sweep Visually Evoked Potential: A Comparison With Teller Acuity Cards. 2016. (J. Drover and R.Social Interaction in Juvenile Male Rats Produces a Weak Facilitation of Feeding But Not Conditioned Taste Aversion. (G. Grant).It is an open problem whether there will be four points that are the corners of a square. 2).

Glucocorticoid Inhibition Blocks Extinction of Hyperarousal in Predator-Stressed Mice. (J. Blundell).The Relationship Between Coping and Psychosocial Well-Being in Young Adults with Cancer. 2017. (S. Garland).

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A student worked on this last year, but you can extend what he did. 3) Learn about interval-censored models.Recent results related to the bound in the Berry-Esseen theorem, for summands of both i.i.d. and non-identically distributed observations, are to due Shevtsova (2010, 2011).

In some cases, there may be an easier version (special cases) of a problem that is more accessible.Assessment of Anxiety Symptoms in Clinical and Non-Clinical Children: Investigating the Correspondence with Parental Anxiety. 2009. (S. Francis).Take the setting of RW2, except that the two parallel lines, when examined with strong lenses, reveal a periodic structure.A Comparison of Measures of Implicit and explicit Stereotypes about Mental Illness: The Good, the bad, and the ugle. (M. Grant).The Effects of Mathematics Automaticity Training on Math Anxiety. 2016. (D. Hallett).