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Frequently asked questions about gun policy and public opinion.In 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nation had more than 33,000 firearms deaths: 70 percent of all homicides (11,208), more than half of all suicides (21,175), and hundreds of accidental and unsolved deaths.As GOP moves toward repeal, a government report shows Obamacare is working well.

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The rest of the world Gun control is one thing, but what about bullets.Many mass shootings have been carried out by people who were recognized by those around them as being deeply disturbed, yet were able to own guns legally.Some states have more stringent background check systems than the federal one, for example, and some require checks before private sales like those at gun shows.Social scientists say there is little reliable data one way or another.Concealed carry requires a permit in most states, but the majority of those states grant the permits automatically to any legal gun owners who want them.

Not A Single Republican Candidate Supports Gun Control. US News. Meghan DeMaria.While some high-profile shootings have resulted in calls for increased restrictions, that support has proved fleeting thus far.

Media Bias in Coverage of Gun Control The Press Evaluates the Popular Culture. In a general news story about upcoming gun control battles in Congress,.We really must insist on real gun control because incidents like these could be coming to your neighborhood, your home and your family.After Colorado enacted new gun controls, in 2013, gun rights groups succeeded in recalling two Democratic state senators who had voted for the measures, including the Senate leader.

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The news media exploded into a predictable shouting match about gun control, mental health, toxic...The bills she co-sponsored on Monday - her first since coming to Congress two weeks ago - are part of a growing national debate that will heat up on Tuesday when Vice President Joe Biden discloses his task force recommendations for curbing violence.News about Guns and Gun Control, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.Read Gun Control news and breaking updates with articles, videos, and pictures, all with a conservative commentary and political opinion on Gun Control.

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The Major Cities Chiefs Association endorses closing the gun show loophole, strengthening the background check system, reinstating the assault weapons ban and other measures.Gun news, articles and information: Home About NaturalNews Contact Us Write for NaturalNews Media Info Advertise.

In general, big-city police chiefs are more likely to support gun control, and small-town chiefs and sheriffs are more likely to oppose it.NEWS Best course for advancing gun control December 20, 2013 In the 1920s, my father and people associated with him strongly opposed an amendment to the Constitution, which prohibited the traffic in or the consumption of alcoholic beverages.This can easily be prevented if the government takes some action and creates new, effective gun policies.It seems to me that those who wish to bring about gun control should work for the repeal of Second Amendment, not for legislation that would conflict with it and would not be enforced by the courts.I want to believe the chances for real gun control in this country are still alive.

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Collected news, commentary and archival information about gun control and related issues.

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Fox News Insider is the place for all things Fox News Channel.County officials contend they only recently learned about the state law, approved during the 1980s, that allows concealed weapons permit holders to bring their guns to Florida parks.Read the latest articles and commentary on gun control and gun rights at US News.Some states require a license or permit to own a gun, but most do not.

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It is a problem for Europeans as well as Americans, one for which there are no easy solutions — such as passing more gun control laws.From 1994 to 2004, federal law also banned the sale of many types of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, but the law expired and has not been renewed.But even if there were even tougher limits, access to guns would remain relatively easy.Criminals who rob, burglarize, kill, assault and any other variety of crimes are already breaking laws.The cat, in other words, is out of the bag when it comes to gun control. 47% of American adults own guns.The former mayor of West Palm Beach is a veteran of gun-control battles in Florida, including buy-back programs and attempts to restrict sales in a state known for quick, cheap and easy ways to get hold of firearms.Brady, injured in the assassination attempt on President Reagan in 1981, died at 73 this week.

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If mainstream journalism were intent on biasing the news in favor of gun control,.

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It would be constitutionally suspect and politically impossible to confiscate hundreds of millions of weapons.For generations, the Supreme Court avoided directly answering the question, though its decisions were often seen as favoring the collective interpretation.The most recent reading was taken in mid-September by Quinnipiac University, and found Americans were evenly divided.

I did a quick search myself and found countless numbers of stories regarding self-defense with firearms.In one Mississippi high school, an armed administrator apprehended a school shooter.The result is that in recent years, states have gone in opposing directions.We almost forget there are human lives lost, families wrecked forever.Study: Some Gun Control Laws Result in More Deaths Closing loopholes and banning assault weapons could actually cause more deaths, not reduce them, a new study finds.States also vary in their rules on gun possession in specific settings, like campuses and houses of worship.Federal gun control will not happen any time soon although local initiatives have shown a way forward.

My father and his friends made no attempt to secure passage of legislation to restore the right to consume alcoholic beverages.Hours after the Newtown shooting, the website of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence crashed under the weight of new donations.

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In 2014, they targeted two Democratic governors who had signed tougher gun restrictions into law, John Hickenlooper of Colorado and Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, but both were narrowly re-elected.One reason is that we are in the midst of a presidential race in which leading Democratic candidates are aware that endorsing gun control can cost them votes.Several polls in the last several months have shown a similar divide with majorities of Democrats and those without a gun in their households favoring more restrictions on guns and majorities of Republicans and gun owners voicing opposition.The United States has far more gun ownership than other developed countries, and far more gun violence.EBSCO has and array of news, articles and essays about the 2nd.