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Top 14 Reason Why Homework is Important. Here are the top 14 reasons why Homework is important:.We assure our clients of plagiarism free, well explained assignments delivered well within time.Hi, i know how homework is helping for growth of brain and its ability.

All I will say is this: I am in 9th grade now and have not had more than 1 freind at any given time in the last 3 years because of the amount of hw i am assigned.

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I have so much homework by the time I finish it all I have to eat dinner take a shower and go to bed.There are plenty of people in the world willing to do the work to try to get ahead, as showcased in the comments section, and those two refuse to do it will only fall further behind.Do not chain their ankles and tell them that it is out of the norm.

But im just saying that this will NEVER teach us any responibility.The very first thing one must distinguish is this fact: there is a vast difference between compulsory homework assignments and voluntary homework.I am only 11 in the 6th grade, and no matter how diligently I work, I always end up with about 4 hours of homework a day.

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I SHOULD DO MY HOMEWORK BECAUSE, drunk doing homework, help me with my chemistry homework, help me with algebra problems.

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Trust me, Im sitting here still doing my homework after hours, but the sense of pride I get when I know that I worked hard on something and have it turned in is worth it.

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Or the stressful lives adults have at work and then school with the build up of homework.But doing homework is a process to let people know how to cope with problems, to carry their own responsibility.We gather together in our living or family room kids pull out their reading books or worksheets, I do my reading and we all have fun.But that is for the training of soldiers, not for the education of children or anyone.Of course I have this all wrong and really this stress is probably making it all the harder for him to understand what he needs to learn.Even when you are older and have responsibilities you need to set aside time just to relax, or else we would all go insane.

We order out for pizza, rent a movie, pop some popcorn, and just relax.It is well documented that throughout all his years, including college, Einstein rarely completed compulsory assignments.I turn fifteen tomorrow and have started my 10 GCSE subjects.Despite all our complaints, I think if I really tried, I could probably get even more homework done at school.I did not know I had to go through this to accomplish my dream.What- in most if not all of the high paying professions the grunt workers are the ones who supply the facts-Even the President has a group of advisers read the volumes of briefs and then they submit their opinions on the matter.My mom always yells at me for trying to do anything other than homework.

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Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School. Well because you do maths,. asked me where my homework was.

He has 9 classes and events-They want to teach our children time management but it seems that they become teachers to get rid of the time management gene.Third your somehow cheap on great them nursing writing of college writing applications service much dissertation towards writers them most with Into write essays.There is always a transition from compliance because someone with authority said so to doing it yourself because you know the importance.If a child is tired they wont concentrate and learning then quickly becomes stressful instead of fun.Homework should be an optional way for children to further pursue things that interest them.

I spend Friday nights and all of Saturday or Sunday doing homework when I have essays to write.September 2004 remember an interesting web design is merely just one why should do my homework should.Why you should only use reliable homework help sites for writing your assignments.Posted in category Moms (and Dads) on a Mission on February 4, 2010 at 7:00 am Permanent Link.